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After about 30 years of learning and practicing Oriental Acupuncture & Medicine including Korean Hand Therapy in Korea and New Zealand, I changed my career from an acupuncturist to Korean Hand Therapy lecturer. I also opened ‘Wellness Retreat’ in a refreshing and relaxing bush setting hoping to help people suffering from difficult conditions with all the knowledge and skills i have acquired over the decades including experience at a cancer clinic in Korea.

First of all I’d like to express my thanks and appreciation to all my ex clients and sincerely hope everything goes well with you and your loved ones.

Korean Hand Therapy Specialist, Acupuncturist, Holistic Healer

Don Kim

Korean Hand Therapy & Health Practitioner

Looking back on decades of my experience as an acupuncturist I like to mention one thing that has made my practice always busy. It is ‘Korean Hand Therapy’. For most of the cases I have treated I added this unique technique to acupuncture treatment, which made my treatment very effective. And I like to share this very unique and most effective feature of my treatment, ‘Korean Hand Therapy’ with health practitioners like acupuncturists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, reflexologists and naturopaths because I know how much benefits they will get just by adding this technique to their usual treatment.

I started to learn Korean Hand Therapy over 30 years ago directly from its founder Dr. Yoo. And I have completed all stages of learning and fortunately got training at a cancer clinic which treated most conditions including cancers mainly just using hands. I was amazed at so many successful cases I have seen or treated myself with this powerful skill many of which were beyond capacity of other disciplines or modalities.

One of the outstanding features of Korean Hand Therapy is ‘PAIN’ relieving effect. It is extremely effective for pain of almost any kinds. Quite often you can see instant relief from just one or two sessions. This technique is good for most conditions from muscular to internal, neurological, women’s etc. And it is extremely effective for sports injuries and soft tissue conditions.

It takes quite long time to learn this technique. And it’s not easy to learn all aspects of Korean Hand Therapy. But I made this course very simple, easy to understand and practically beneficial. For example, just after 1 DAY course (Beginners’ course) you will be amazed at how many conditions you can easily improve by adding this powerful technique to your usual treatment. And you will agree that Korean Hand Therapy will be ‘A perfect complement’ to your practice. Yes this unique and powerful technique will help you as a practitioner to improve many conditions that you used to struggle with.

Korean Hand Therapy is recognized and adopted by various practitioners in many countries like in Japan, the States, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Africa, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Argentina. And many medical researches have been done on this and some oriental and western medical schools have also adopted it as a credited course.

Currently I believe I am the only one properly doing and being able to teach this in English in New Zealand and Australia. So I like to share this precious knowledge with ones who want to help their patients in a more effective way in both countries.

Wellness Retreat – Personalized Self Treatment (PST)

Over the decades of my career as an acupuncturist I have felt so sorry for people struggling with difficult or long standing conditions like cancers, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, etc. because these conditions affect the quality of lives not only of patients themselves but of their loved ones. Decades of my experience as an acupuncturist and natural healer convinced me that these conditions especially cancers are very hard to improve without being attended to their relevant factors which are contributing factors to certain conditions such as not only holistic natural treatment but other factors like diet, stress, chemical exposure, radiation, fresh air, clean water, etc. I have also learned that patients themselves can improve their conditions a lot with side effect free self care methods which have been my specialty for a long time.

So I opened ‘Wellness Retreat’ in a bush setting purposely designed to help these ones not only with specialized treatment for those conditions but with self care methods so that they may have their conditions effectively treated during their stay in the Retreat and go home with these safe and effective self care methods which are unique in this Retreat. In this way they will be helped to improve their conditions and also keep improving them with information they’ve learned from Don and Hera (Diet adviser). This Wellness Retreat is partly open now so people can’t stay here until construction is complete but they can have treatment with Don and learn self care methods from Don and Hera.


Don Kim
Korean Hand Therapy specialist, Acupuncturist & Holistic Healer

Hera Kim
Diet Adviser



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