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First of all I’d like to express my big thanks and appreciation to all my ex clients and course attendees in NZ and Australia, and sincerely hope everything goes well with you and your loved ones.

It is my joy and privilege to have you visit my website. I hope you enjoy the information here and get some practical benefit from it. Over the last 30 odd years I have been learning and practicing Oriental Acupuncture, Korean Hand Acupuncture and various types of Self treatment methods. Looking back on my past as an acupuncturist I have no regret as seeing fine progress of a condition of many people over the years has brought me much joy and satisfaction. As I approach retirement age though I have thought of another way to help others even more effectively. So I decided to make some change in my career. As an acupuncturist I have sold fish to others. In other words, people came to me and got benefit, but they had to keep coming back for another condition or even the same condition as they had no idea of how to treat themselves. And I did wonder if I could teach them how to fish themselves rather than keep coming to me to buy fish. So I decided to share with them my experience and expertise so that they can learn from me and treat themselves or their loved ones with ‘Self treatment’ methods. So I decided to teach people Korean Hand Acupuncture which is known as the best self treatment method ever and a variety of self treatment methods that I have learned and practiced for decades. And I offer online teaching of Korean

Hand Acupuncture courses at Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness centre, and treat and train people at ‘Don’s Wellness Retreat’ in a refreshing and relaxing bush setting. As you see many kind words in ‘Feedback’ section Korean Hand Acupuncture courses I offer are very comprehensive and practically beneficial as much information there is from my experience at a cancer clinic in Korea. That’s why these courses have been very much loved by many practitioners in NZ and Australia. And now I share this precious information with any practitioners in the world. ‘Don’s Wellness Retreat’ is a special place that enables anyone to come, stay and learn ‘Personalized Self Treatment (PST) Method’ which was created by me. The Retreat will likely be the only place in the world that offers this unique concept of Self Treatment Method with which people can treat themselves the conditions that haven’t been improved by other practitioners.

Yes I do hope you enjoy much practical benefit from ‘Korean Hand Acupuncture courses’ through video conference or/and ‘Personalized Self Treatment (PST) Method’ at Don’s Wellness Retreat.

Korean Hand Acupuncture Specialist, Acupuncturist, Holistic Healer

Don Kim

Acupuncturist & Korean Hand Acupuncture

Looking back on decades of my experience as an acupuncturist I like to mention one thing that has always made my practice busy. It is ‘Korean Hand Acupuncture’. For most of the cases I have added this unique technique to acupuncture treatment, which made my treatment very effective. And I like to share this very unique and most effective feature of my treatment, ‘Korean Hand Acupuncture’ with health practitioners like acupuncturists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, reflexologists, doctors and naturopaths because I know how much benefits they will get just by adding this technique to their usual treatment.

I started to learn Korean Hand Acupuncture over 30 years ago directly from its founder Dr. Yoo. And I have completed all stages of learning and fortunately got training at a cancer clinic which helped people with most conditions including cancers mainly by just using hands. I was amazed at so many successful cases I have seen or treated myself with this powerful technique.

One of the outstanding features of Korean Hand Acupuncture is ‘PAIN’ relieving effect. It is extremely effective for pain of almost any kinds. Quite often you can see instant pain relief from just one or two sessions. This technique is good for most conditions from muscular to internal, neurological, women’s, cosmetic, emergency, etc. And it is extremely effective for sports injuries and soft tissue conditions.

It takes quite long time to learn this technique. Actually it’s not easy even for Koreans to learn all aspects of Korean Hand Acupuncture in Korean as it involves many deep things like Chinese philosophy. But I made this course very simple and easy to understand and practically beneficial. For example, just after 1 DAY course (Module 1) you will be amazed at how many conditions you can easily improve by adding this powerful technique to your usual treatment. And you will agree that Korean Hand Acupuncture will be ‘A perfect complement’ to your practice. Yes this unique and powerful technique will help you as a practitioner to improve many conditions that you used to struggle with.

Korean Hand Acupuncture is recognized and adopted by various practitioners in many countries like in Japan, the States, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Africa, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Argentina. And many medical researches have been done on this and some oriental and western medical schools have also adopted it as a credited course.

Currently I believe I am the only one offering comprehensive courses of KHA in English in New Zealand and Australia. And now I share this precious knowledge with practitioners in any part of the world.

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Don Kim
Korean Hand Acupuncture specialist, Acupuncturist & Holistic Healer

Hera Kim
Dietary Adviser

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