Hand Acupuncture Course

Hand Acupuncture Course

I have 3 upcoming ‘One day Beginners’ course’ until end of 2019. The dates are November 9 and 10 (Christchurch), and November 25 (Melbourne).  For registration or expression of interest please click here. For an introduction video click here and for feedback please click here.



Hand Acupuncture Seminar
– Info on Beginners’ and Intermediate Courses –

Most powerful technique for SOFT TISSUE conditions and SPORTS INJURIES!
Have you ever been disappointed or even frustrated by some conditions that appeared to be beyond your capacity of treatment as a health practitioner? Maybe because of their level of severity, nature, or locality? Learn this very unique, effective and most powerful technique with Don. Just after 1 DAY course you will find that this special technique can be ‘A Perfect Complement’ to your treatment. This technique is extremely beneficial for soft tissue conditions including sports injuries, and also very effective for a variety of conditions muscular, internal, neurological, women’s, psychological, even emergency conditions.

What is Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHA)? 
Hand Acupuncture was originated in Korea in 1971, and is recognized in many countries because of many strong points like high effectiveness, side effects free, cost effectiveness, instant benefit, powerful effects, etc. for a variety of conditions. KHA theorizes that the hands are a micro-cosmos of the body. According to KHA there are 14 micro-meridians and 345 acupuncture points on each hand, and thus the physiological function of the entire body can be regulated by stimulating these points on the hands.


    • One and only comprehensive Korean Hand acupuncture seminar in NZ and Australia (in English)
    • Korean Hand Acupuncture, BEST Microsystem EVER
    • The seminar is mainly for health practitioners.
    • ‘A PERFECT COMPLEMENT’ to many disciplines like acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopaths, naturopaths, podiatrists or chiropractors.
    • Comprehensive and Useful workbook
      – 2 kinds of workbook e version and a hard copy are well sourced from 13 Korean Hand Acupuncture books in Korean or in English. You can download e version workbook to your phone and refer to it anytime anywhere.
    • Immediate practical benefits: You can get practical benefits straight after the course.
    • Practically useful info including Don’s inventive treatment
    • ‘Consultation system’ available to course attendees with which you are instructed to treat specific condition by use of ‘one on one video/email consultation’
    • Some unique features of Hand Acupuncture
      – Strong PAIN relieving effect
      – Instant relief for many conditions especially for acute injuries (eg, sprained ankle can be easily fixed with 1 or 2 sessions after just 1 DAY seminar.)
      – Easy to learn
      – No side effects
      – Handy to apply
      – Cost effective
      A wide range of conditions treated from muscular, internal, neurological, women’s, emergency, etc.
      – Scientifically and medically proven
      – Excellent self care method for practitioners
      – Global recognition
    • Don is a KHA specialist with over 30 years of personal experience. He is an acupuncturist and KHA teacher. (Most Korean Hand Acupuncture teachers are not qualified acupuncturists but as its theory is from acupuncture it’s crucial to learn it from a qualified acupuncturist). Click hereto find out more about Don

Who is a lecturer? – Don Kim 

        • Korean Hand Acupuncture specialist, Acupuncturist
        • 32 years of learning and practicing Oriental Acupuncture and medicine including Korean Hand Acupuncture both in Korea and in NZ
        • The only acupuncturist offering comprehensive Korean Hand Acupuncture seminar in English in NZ and Australia


    For more info on Don Kim refer to here

This course will take you to a new world of natural and powerful healing 
you have never experienced before!”

Expression of Interest or Registration

      • To make any enquiries on Hand Acupuncture, the course, or a lecturer please contact Don.
      • Please refer to the following info for the upcoming courses

The upcoming Courses – All ‘Beginners’ courses (2019)

November 9: Christchurch; 9.30am – 3.30pm
November 10: Christchurch; 9am – 3pm 

November 25: Melbourne; 10.30am – 4.30pm

*  What do you learn from these courses?
   Beginners’ course and Intermediate courses 1 & 2

      • What is ‘Hand Acupuncture (HA)?
      • The characteristics and benefits of HA
      • Correspondence Therapy – Beauty of HA 1
      • Bloodletting and Hand moxa
      • Useful info 1: Microsystem and Self treatment methods
      • Case studies 1
      • Micro-meridian Therapy – Beauty of HA 2
      • Prescriptions for some common conditions, Emergency conditions, and First aid treatment for children’s conditions
      • KHA Constitution
      • Ring Therapy
      • Useful info 2: Self exercises & Useful Acupressure points and Points for common conditions
      • Case studies 2
      • Please note that after each course ‘Certificate of Completion’ is issued.

*  To register click please.

    • There will be 4 Hand Acupuncture courses, Beginners’, Intermediate 1 & 2 and Advanced.
    • 4 Hand Acupuncture courses will be followed by 2 short programs, ‘Weight loss program’ and ‘Cosmetic acupuncture program’ in due course.