Consultation System is an another unique feature of Hand acupuncture/therapy courses.
This is a great way to help course attendees make the most of what they have learned in the course(s) and be skillful users of Hand acupuncture/therapy and other self treatment methods.
The followings are some info on Consultation System. Please note that this system is only available to course attendees after the course(s).

* Consultation Types: Full & Casual (20 or 30 min) 

1. Full Consultation   
1) What is ‘Full Consultation’?
Full Consultation is like one you might have had with a specialist. Difference is though that in Full Consultation with a specialist you are informed of more info on your condition and some directions or recommendations on how to treat it in western medical ways like drugs, surgeries, etc. while in Full Consultation with Don you are not only informed of the cause, nature and prognosis of the condition but given detailed info on how to treat the condition with the knowledge you’ve already got from the course(s). So Full Consultation is a unique system that is designed to help you make the best use of what you’ve learned in the course(s).

2) Procedure of Full Consultation
Full Consultation is done in 8 steps as follows:
* Step 1: You email to Don the info on a condition you want to treat.
* Step 2: Don gathers info he needs to figure out what the cause is and how to help you treat the condition yourself in an easy and effective way.
* Step 3: Don formulates prescription based on the symptoms he gets given by you and the cause he finds out.
– Prescription is formulated in a way that helps you to be able to treat yourself using what you have learned in the course(s).
– The treatment methods in the prescription can include hand acupuncture (needling), hand moxa (moxa stick), press pellets (silver and gold), bloodletting, acupressure, remakin moxa, toilet moxa, reflexology, ear therapy, scalp acupressure, dietary advice, advice on other stuff like exercise, lifestyle, etc. If necessary Don can add some methods that you haven’t been taught but are helpful.
* Step 4: You and Don set a time for video consultation through Skype.
* Step 5: Through one on one video consultation Don explains to you the detailed info on how you can treat and manage the condition yourself. Visual demonstration included.
* Step 6: You make payment through bank transfer.
* Step 7: Don emails to you the detailed prescription he has explained to you through video consultation.
* Step 8 (Follow-up): After you try prescription given you can ask Don something you’re not sure of or you want to make sure of.

3) Benefits of Full Consultation  
– You are helped to get a clear picture not only of how you (or someone else) come to have a certain condition but of how to treat it effectively yourself.
– A great way to improve your skills in hand acupuncture/therapy and other self treatment methods.

2. Casual Consultation  
1) What is ‘Casual Consultation’ 
Casual Consultation is basically similar to Full Consultation. The difference is mainly the nature and complexity of a condition and time taken for consultation.
2) Procedure of Casual Consultation 
Casual Consultation is done in 5 steps as follows:
* Step 1: You email to Don the info on something you want to know about like how to treat a certain condition with the info you learned at the course(s).                                                      * Step 2: You and Don set a time for Skype. 
* Step 3: You make payment through bank transfer. 
* Step 4 (Follow-up): If you have any questions while applying info from Don you can briefly email him.