Course Feedback

Many of the course attendees kindly allowed me to share their thoughts on the course with others to help them get some idea of what hand acupuncture and its course are like. The followings are some of those:

(After hearing about the course many practitioners come to the course from a long distance.) 
“100% I would recommend this course! This course is truly empowering us to take great care of patients and ourselves. By giving us the knowledge and tools through this course, it enables us to provide excellent treatments!! A huge thankyou for sharing your expertise Don!! The manual you provide is fantastic and will be invaluable to constantly refer to. Great job in the delivery of the course. I was totally riverted to the course. I loved learning it all. It went so fast! I can’t wait to put it into practice! – N.J
Will be fantastic to acupuncture and physiotherapy practice! Very informative and interesting. Practical and useful techniques. – B.G
So much information – I found it inspiring and I need time to digest and practice! Looking forward to more Don. Thanks for your kind enthusiasm and knowledge! – L.C
This method is useful, effective and I can easily incorporate Korean hand acupuncture to my current practice. – C.R 

I am so grateful that I could attend the course. I found it the best self method ever too! – S.M 

I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the microsystem of the hand as this extends my knowledge of meridians.

Have learnt so much today! Can’t wait for the next course and any others you wish to do! – M.W

The demonstrations were great –  really good to see KHA in practice! – Big Big Thank-you!

I enjoyed your calm, confident and knowledgeable teaching. And the booklets are comprehensive. Very good.

Enjoyed case studies.

Very good seminar!


Well prepared. Very good. All good. I also like e workbook.

Very informative!.Loved the seminar. Excellent! – M.D

During the course I was able to put into practice the things I was learning straight away. I could feel immediate results. It is a fantastic ‘first aid’ course as well. It’s a very informative course! – N.W

Great information. Handout very informative. Great that you can purchase tools at course.

Loved your presentation yesterday.Glad I made the effort to see your talk. (Traveled for 4 hours for the course.) Congratulations on your successYes i would be interested in an intermediate course in the future. -P.M

“I would recommend this course for self development, upskilling with needles, learning a new skill that can complement.” – K.J

THANK YOU SO MUCH. LOVED IT!Thank you for such a great day yesterday.Yes, I’d be very interested in an intermediate course in Wellington.Looking forward to studying with you again. – S.FIt’s very practical – having the points shown, getting to try the tools and needling the points all useful.Loved the practical parts of the session. Don has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience. Loved the course! – R.TI really like the workbook. It is very nice and detailed. – D.C

I enjoyed the practical examples of use of KHT and the practical experience with tools. I also really appreciated the experience of bloodletting for my knee condition. Feel hopeful about healing!

I enjoyed the practical aspect!

Case studies were very good to have as examples.

I liked learning about the tools. The manual is thorough which is great. Don is very knowledgeable. Thanks! – M.M

I enjoyed your easy-going nature. And I loved the many useful notes in the workbook. Thanks for a really enjoyable Sunday!

There’s a lot to learn!

Course very interesting!

Yesterday was good; it helped reinforce the pre-reading – which was good.I would be interested in an intermediate course. – A.J

New skills for me.

The tools very interesting and useful.

Nice handbook which is included in course price and sent to me before seminar. That helped a lot.

I really enjoyed everything! Excited to start.

Liked the corresponding therapy which was easy to follow.

Learning the corresponding points is very convenient. This technique can be easily used anywhere anytime! – D.C 

Covered a lot of info. Thank you.

Liked the quick pace, no wasted time, tips on specific conditions. Good handbook.

Thanks for answering our questions and explaining them in more detail.

The workshop broaden my knowledge!

I enjoyed hearing about your personal experience.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us!!! – W.M

I really enjoyed the course and will be interested in intermediate course. – C.R

“Very satisfied! Yes I would recommend this to others!”
“I am using all I have learnt, thank you very much for sharing this most special gift.” – D.B
“What a beautiful way to share the gift of healing with others. To spend quality time together. The beginning of a new journey to healing!”“Very happy! Most definitely recommend this course!”“Easy to learn, easy to apply!”“Absolutely recommend this course. Don, it has been a great honor to learn from you. So thank you very much for all your wonderful teaching. It’s easy but intensive. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.” – N.C“Very satisfied!” – R.B

“So happy! Such incredible (hand acupuncture) tools even for emergencies! Thank you so much for your time Don!”

“Very satisfied! I would recommend because it is easy to understand after learning it and it is so beneficial for many conditions. You can take the kit anywhere and treat many conditions.”

“Very well done! Easy to understand. Thank you very much Don for the opportunity.” – L.H

“Very satisfied! The content is deep and wide, and provides a perfect platform for treating patients and myself. Many practical examples are offered.”

“Good basic insight. Great to get the KIT! Preventative medicine as well!”

“Would definitely recommend this course to others because it’s helpful.”

“The workbook is excellent, very well put together.” – H.H

“Too good!”

“Good course. There are so many ways to improve conditions. A lot to take in. Thanks for sharing all this info.”

“Just wanted to say Thank you for a very informative and professional course which I enjoyed immensely and will continue to benefit from a great deal. Thanks Don.”

“I’m extremely satisfied with this course, and I would absolutely like to recommend this course to others. Very practical, informative; easy to understand.”

“Very satisfied! Would love to tell others about the course. Very good class with good descriptions. And the workbook is excellent. Lots of Q+A sessions!” – F.H

“The course is very useful. Thank you Don.”

“Very satisfied with the course! Would recommend it very much so. Such useful information regarding our health. The more practitioners that can learn Hand acupuncture the better!”

“Would highly recommend Don’s Hand acupuncture course. It is very helpful for so many health issues. This course covers a lot. I certainly will make use of all the good tips. Very much enjoyed your course!” – D.R

“Very satisfied! It’s very easy to follow.” – J.H

“Very satisfied! I would recommend this course as it is so informative and gives you a real understanding and confidence going forward to do Hand acupuncture. Benefits are great!” – A.R

“Very interesting, effective + not too hard to learn!”

“Very happy! So informative and so useful. Don is a wealth of information and so humble and lovely'”

“Thank you for teaching us hand acupuncture and sharing your knowledge. I am very grateful. Thank you once again for this gift, which will benefit many including myself greatly.”

“I am very satisfied with the course, and I like to recommend it to others because it works!” – M.V

“Very happy with this course. I found the course very interesting and helpful. Look forward to utilizing what i have learned. Thank you so very very much!”

“It’s a great, simple way to treat people. This is a better way, natural, instead of medication. Sometimes so quick.” – K.M

“Helpful to learn and have these skills for many conditions!” – E.T