Treatment Feedback

I am pleased to see many course attendees enjoying much benefits from applying Korean Hand Therapy/Acupuncture. And I have put some feedback as follows:

(During the demo at Chch seminar I did a brief treatment for a practitioner in North Island for her rib pain. Her pain was so bad that she was advised by her doctor not to travel. But she managed to fly down to chch for the seminar. The below is her comment.)

I forgot to tell you that after you did that treatment for my ribs the day of our Christchurch course, my ribs felt great. That evening on my way home I had to sneeze a couple of times because of pollen. I was so scared initially because I thought it was going to hurt, but it didn’t. From then on …no pain!!! Thank you so much Don 😊

I had one acupuncturist in Auckland course who had quite bad sciatica on both sides for years. He feels more painful on right side of back and leg with restrictive movement. During the course I did some simple demo only for his right back and leg which took just a few minutes. Just after a couple of minutes he felt improvement. About 15 minutes later he saw much improvement in pain and movement of right back and leg. And he was happy to say, “I hardly feel it right side and I feel only left side!” – Don

I had a demo with a lady who had a back problem. She had a dull ache and she also couldn’t bend her back. I used a pain free tool called press pellet which is made from aluminium. I put 2 press pellets one on each hand. Straight after I did this very simple treatment her pain level dropped quite a bit and she was able to bend her back, which amazed not only her but all other students. – Don

During the course one attendee had an allergy attack on her upper part of the skin chest, arms, face and back. They became reddish and she felt hot and itchy. I used a simple but powerful technique called bloodletting on a few points in her hands. She felt instant benefit with skin color, hot sensation and itchiness. – Don

One attendee had a sore knee for several months. She couldn’t run nor walk long and was advised to have an operation by her doctor and physiotherapist. During the demo I did a very simple treatment which took just a few minutes. What I did was to find 2 points on her hands and do bloodletting on these points. After that I put press pellets on these points. She felt instant relief. Pain decreased a lot and range of movement also increased! She reported me how her knee was after a few weeks, a month and a few months time. She said, “I haven’t had any pain at all since that treatment and have been able to do things that I couldn’t before like running, tramping. So happy!” – Don

I have been using KHT on family & friends with great benefits. One of my friends has not been able to breathe through her nose for 2 years because of sinus issues. After needling & press pellets, the next morning she couldn’t believe she could breathe through her nose. Soooo exiting!! – C.A

My elderly patient is finding it (‘T moxa’ which was introduced at the seminar) extremely beneficial. It has changed her life. – A.T

The lady who regained some sensation in her 9 year numb leg is now not getting cramping at night. – A.J

I broke my right foot two weeks ago. I have done a lot of Korean hand acupuncture on it and have been able to hugely improve the condition. I went for 2 X-rays this morning and even my doctor and radiologist couldn’t believe how my foot is doing. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge you have shared. It has been so very very helpful! – D.V

I have been using the B points to treat a few severe lumbar pain and received very quick and great results!! – G.M

I have helped a 72yr old woman who got back 50% of smell and taste that she lost in a virus attack 2yrs ago. – W.M

Have even dared to do some bloodletting today (next day of the course) on a patient who has managed to get some tingling return in a leg that has been numb for the last ~9 years! She was even able to bend her legs a bit more than previously without cramping. – A.J

Great result! I had a patient today (next day of the course) with a 7/10 painful neck. I used KHA blood letting, moxa and press pellets. He walked out with 1-0/10 discomfort. Very cool! – B.F

I saw a girl who was hit on the side of her head with a football. She had x-ray/scan and all found to be ok but for the following three weeks she had a dull ache in one side of her her head. I told her about hand acupuncture and she agreed she had nothing to lose by trying. I did the bloodletting at two of both middle fingers and within about one minute she could feel the pain disappearing. We were both amazed and wondered if it was coincidence. The pain gradually returned later that day so we did the bloodletting again and the pain disappeared after about one minute. We did two more sessions but the pain has never returned. She is delighted!! – L.H

The more I treat new conditions the more I am amazed with the results! – S.M

During the course I was able to put into practice the things I was learning straight away. I could feel immediate results. It is a fantastic ‘first aid’ course as well. It’s a very informative course! – N.W

“I am using all I have learnt, thank you very much for sharing this most special gift.” – D.B

I am very glad that I took your course as I have used it and had great results. – D.M

I treated a patient with a gum problem painful, red, swollen using a simple bloodletting. About an hour after this 80-90 % improved in all aspects. Truly amazing. – H.K

Thanks for yesterday. I enjoyed the seminar very much and have been using it on myself and my husband today with good results. –B.F

I have had so many success stories with KHA … sprained ankle; muscle spasms; I myself seriously hurt my thumb doing high intensity training … all SORTED with KHA. – C.P

Wanted to thank you very much for the opportunity to do the hand acupuncture course.

I am growing in confidence everyday as I often use KHA and refer to the workbook. Got many success stories. The latest was the start of a cold with a runny nose and a blocked ear. Simple measure with KHA improved this hugely.

I have also used KHA for weepy ears that had bothered me for 3 years. This has improved to the point they are no longer an issue. Sooo happy! – S.M

So pleased I did your course. The benefits keep increasing as time goes on Thank you Don!

I find KHA really beneficial! – B.C

I have had great success with hand acupuncture. I was able to help a patient with her runny nose and a headache and also period cramps. I have also had good result for the flu I had. I find it helping with my headaches, runny nose and sore ears. – K.T

Using KHA I treated a patient with vertigo that she had for six weeks. Amazingly it was gone after a few sessions! So happy that I learned KHA. – J.S

I’m finding KHA very practically helpful. – R.S

Have tried bloodletting since last Saturday with great success. – S.M

I played netball yesterday the first time in 2 years with a dodgy achillies and had no trouble at all because of the press pellets on my thumb and little fingers – J.H

I fixed a patient with upset stomach yesterday (the next day of the course). She couldn’t believe it. After half an hour needling session & moxa she was back to feeling normal again. Thanks heaps for teaching me. KHA is truly amazing! – J.T