Personalized Self Treatment (PST)

You will be amazed at how effectively YOU can improve your condition YOURSELF
with PST that no practitioners have been able to help


What is ‘Personalized Self Treatment’ (PST)? - One & Only type of treatment in NZ and Australia

‘Personalized Self Treatment’ is a revolutionary concept of Self Treatment, found exclusively at Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness centre in Auckland, NZ. 

After a thorough consultation, a tailored treatment plan & training will be provided in which the patient will be able to treat their symptoms/conditions with a variety of self-treatment methods. This will include demonstrations on how to carry out these methods safely and easily.

Following completion of the programme, a regular contact basis will be made available to the patient to ensure that he/she is getting the full benefit from PST.

Decades of Don’s experience and expertise as an acupuncturist and Korean hand acupuncturist together with his training at a cancer clinic which treated many conditions including even cancers  mainly using hands enabled him to create this unique system of PST.

What are the benefits of PST?

  • A treatment plan tailored specifically for you

  • Take control of your health as you learn how to look after it through PST.
  • Unlike traditional clinical methods which are limited to a handful of techniques, PST includes a wide range of treatment options safe and effective. 
  • Take advantage of my decades of experience and benefit from the unique and practical information.
  • Experience long-term overall benefits as you treat not just the symptoms, but the cause of your condition.
  • Save costs on expensive medical appointments and medication as you learn to treat yourself.
  • Treat your condition immediately, resulting in quicker recovery.
  • No side effects
  • Experience benefits to your immune system, organ function and overall health
  • Benefit family and friends by sharing this information
  • Enjoy an improved quality of life 
  • Dietary advice if needed by Hera Kim who used to run a healthy cooking class

What kinds of conditions have you treated using some techniques in PST

Before becoming an acupuncturist I have successfully treated a variety of conditions muscular, women’s, internal, neurological, etc using some of the techniques in PST system. These include many conditions that other practitioners could hardly improve like lots of cysts in the uterus of a pregnant woman, loss of taste and smell, snoring, sprained ankle, infertility, sciatica, etc. For now I have added some more self treatment techniques after decades of acupuncture practice.

What Self Treatment techniques or methods do you use in PST?

Decades of my experience convinced me that the best self treatment method ever is ‘Korean hand Therapy’ which I specialize in. So Korean hand therapy is the No. 1 item in PST. Also included are acupressure, Tuina (Chinese massage), UCLA ear therapy, moxibustion, Chinese therapeutic reflexology, Korean therapeutic exercise, T-moxibustion, Namsoo moxa, Ring method, etc. Another popular item is called ‘Ramekin moxa’ which I invented and is only available with me. Dietary advice by Hera Kim can also be an option.


Who can benefit from PST?

  • Anyone with any conditions from muscular to internal, neurological, psychological, women’s, men’s, respiratory, circulatory, even cancers Especially those who
  • have a long standing condition like arthritis, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, pain of any kinds, infertility, endometriosis, depression, during and after cancer treatment, post stroke syndrome, varicose veins…
  • have just had sports injuries like concussion, sprained back and joints (ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, shoulders), whiplash… – Quickest recovery guaranteed!
  • have tried many different modalities but haven’t got much benefit from any of those
  • prefer natural treatments but can’t afford to keep trying them because of high cost
  • want to lose or gain weight
  • want to improve cosmetic conditions like wrinkle
  • want to improve and maintain their own health by themselves in a natural and cost effective way
  • want to help improve conditions of their loved ones
  • want to learn unique and useful skills from Don’s expertise
  • want to learn how to make healthy foods like Fermented foods and drinks

All Health Practitioners have some patients they have tried very hard to help but failed because of some factors beyond their ability or control like limited time, inconsistency. It’s very likely that these patients will get huge benefit from PST.

Where do I stay during PST training?

PST training takes a few days to 1 or 2 weeks. So you can arrange your own accommodation yourself or stay at Don’s retreat at a reasonable price which is surrounded by lots of trees and beautiful birds like Tui, Rosellas, Morepork, Woodpigeons, Fan tails and enables you to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing time in the bush.


What are the options available in PST?

1. OptionA – 4 Consultations (forSelfTreatment) + Intensivetreatment  

1) Day 1: Teaching Self Treatment 1 (ST1) → Intensive treatment                                                

# ST1: Consultation → DiagnosisPrognosisPrescription & Treatment/Self Treatment Plan → Constitution → Ring Method 

2) Day 2: Review → TeachingSelfTreatment 2 (ST2) → Intensivetreatment
# ST2:CorrespondenceTherapy → TeachingHandNeedlingPressPelleting and HandMoxa→  DiagramsforHandNeedling and HandMoxa→ Toilet Moxa

3) Day 3: Review →
Teaching Self Treatment 3 (ST3) → Intensive treatment
# ST3: Teaching Bloodletting Method → Teaching Hand Moxa Stick + Ramekin Moxa  Acupressure  

 4) Day 4: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 4 (ST4) → Intensive treatment

# ST4: Reflexology → UCLA Auriculotherapy → Korean Therapeutic Exercise →  Dietary advice (by Hera if needed) 

2. Option B – 3 Consultations (for Self Treatment) + Intensive treatment

1) Day 1: Teaching Self Treatment 1 (ST1) → Intensive treatment
# ST1: Consultation → DiagnosisPrognosisPrescription & Treatment/Self Treatment Plan →Constitution → Ring Method → Correspondence Therapy → Reflexology

2) Day 2: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 2 (ST2) → Intensive treatment (if time allows)
# ST2:  Teaching Hand NeedlingPress Pelleting and Hand Moxa  Diagrams for Hand Needling and Hand Moxa → Toilet Moxa → Teaching Bloodletting Method → Teaching Hand Moxa Stick + Ramekin Moxa    

3) Day 3: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 3 (ST3) → Intensive treatment
# ST3:  Acupressure → UCLA Auriculotherapy → Korean Therapeutic Exercise → Dietary advice (by Hera if needed)

3. Option C – 2 Consultations (for Self Treatment) + Intensive treatment

1) Day 1: Teaching Self Treatment 1 (ST1) → Intensive treatment
# ST1: Consultation → DiagnosisPrognosisPrescription & Treatment/Self Treatment Plan → Constitution → Ring Method → Correspondence Therapy → Toilet Moxa → Teaching Hand Moxa Stick + Ramekin Moxa 

2) Day 2: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 2 (ST2) → Intensive treatment
# ST2:  Teaching Hand NeedlingPress Pelleting and Hand Moxa  Diagrams  for Hand Needling and Hand Moxa → Teaching Bloodletting Method → Acupressure → UCLA Auriculotherapy  Reflexology 

⊙ After the last Intensive session of each option it is recommended that you have some number of follow-up treatment depending on the progress you’ve madethe nature and severity of the condition and mastery level of Self treatment.

⊙ The order of Self Treatment items can change if needed.