Don’s Wellness Retreat & Personalized Self Treatment (PST) Method

Come, enjoy bush surroundings and learn a unique ‘Self Treatment Method’
that is tailored only for you!

Don’s Wellness Retreat

Today more and more people in the world are aware of the fact that conventional medicine is to improve the symptoms of a condition with chemicals, which always brings side effects. And many of them are seeking out for a natural treatment option that can improve or fix not only the symptoms of a condition but its cause. Also many are getting aware of an amazing healing power our body has got and seeking to find a natural treatment that makes the most of our system. As a long time acupuncturist I have been aware of these, which serves as a basis of my idea of a healing place and method for these people.

And my personal experience makes this idea come true. My clinical experience as an acupuncturist is quite different from that of many acupuncturists. What makes my experience different from others is ‘Self treatment’. Even before becoming an acupuncturist I have treated many conditions that other practitioners couldn’t with various self treatment methods including Korean Hand Acupuncture. So I know not only how powerful and effective self treatment methods are but how easy they are to learn. So I have long wanted to set up a place where I can treat and train people who didn’t get much benefit from other treatment. And I have finally set up a Wellness Retreat in a peaceful and relaxing bush setting surrounded by green trees and leaves and native birds (Tui, Wood pigeon, Fantail, Parakeet, Rosellas, Morepork…). Another beauty of the Retreat is proximity to ‘Albany Mega shopping malls’ which is only 5 minutes away.

What will you enjoy here? Most of all, you will learn something you hardly learn from any other practitioners, ‘Self treatment methods’ with which you can treat yourself or your patients easily and effectively. So the info I pass to my clients here is truly unique and valuable, and you will hardly find a place offering this service likely in the world. So they will be a great asset to you whether you are a practitioner or not.

For now there are 3 options of stay you can choose, 2, 3 and 6 nights. We have 2 accommodation options available modern cabin and studio. Depending on an option you choose you will enjoy a package program which is specifically tailored to your need. You can come with someone who helps you with treatment or join the program as a small group.

Healthy food and drink are also another unique feature here. When you stay at the Retreat you will be provided simple but healthy options of breakfast. Healthy & Tasty Gourmet food and drink are also available for each dinner on request. (Not included in each option price. Hera’s e cook book included) It’s guaranteed that you will be served healthy & tasty authentic food and drink (eg. cold or hot smoked salmon, meat cooked in bamboo). You will also taste and learn about healthy fermented food and drink like kefir, natto, kimchi or kombucha which are getting popular almost everywhere in western world.

Yes at this unique Don’s Wellness Retreat you will experience many things you will hardly come across elsewhere; tailored treatment, PST Method, healthy & tasty gourmet food and drink, fresh air, native birds, sauna, bush walk, table tennis… Once you let Don know all options you want like how many days  of stay you want, where you want to stay, whether you want to be serve each dinner he will send you a quote.

Staying at the Retreat will be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to you!

How did Personalized Self Treatment (PST) Method come about?  

I have long felt so sorry for many people here who had to choose the treatment options they didn’t want after seeing aggravation of their condition even if they tried hard to improve it in a natural way. And I have always wanted to do something that will benefit them. Thankfully I have been able to improve a variety of difficult conditions with self treatment methods like Korean Hand acupuncture before and after becoming an acupuncturist. So I decided to incorporate Korean Hand acupuncture, various self treatment methods and acupuncture into one unique form of self treatment plan which was named ‘Personalized Self Treatment’ (PST) Method. And I teach this special method at ‘Don’s Wellness Retreat’ in a beautiful bush setting where people can come, stay and learn self treatment methods and dietary advice tailored only for themselves. So anyone struggling with difficult or long standing conditions is welcome to come and learn this precious info from decades of Don’s experience and expertise, and treat himself or someone else after stay here. Yes ‘Personalized Self Treatment’ (PST) Method being offered at ‘Don’s Wellness Retreat’ is very unique and something you would hardly find anywhere in the world.

What is ‘Personalized Self Treatment’ (PST) Method?

– The One & Only type of self treatment in NZ and Australia, or probably in the world.

‘Personalized Self Treatment’ Method is a revolutionary concept of Self Treatment, found exclusively at Don’s Wellness Retreat in Auckland, NZ.
After a thorough consultation, a tailored treatment plan & training will be provided to you so that you will be able to treat your symptoms/conditions with a variety of self-treatment methods. This will include demonstrations on how to carry out these methods safely and easily.
Following completion of the programme, a regular contact basis will be made available to you to ensure that you are getting the full benefit from PST Method.
Decades of Don’s experience and expertise as an acupuncturist and Korean hand acupuncturist together with his training at a cancer clinic helped him to create this unique method of PST.

What are the benefits of PST Method?

  • A treatment plan tailored specifically for you
  • Take control of your health after you learn about this method.
  • A wide range of treatment options available safe and effective.
  • Take advantage of decades of Don’s experience and much practical information.
  • Enjoy long-term benefits as you treat not just the symptoms but the cause of your condition.
  • Save costs on expensive medical appointments and medication.
  • Treat soft tissue conditions immediately and enjoy quick recovery.
  • No side effects
  • Strengthen your immune system, organic function and overall health
  • Benefit family and friends by sharing the information
  • Enjoy an improved quality of life
  • Dietary advice available by Hera Kim who used to run a healthy cooking class

What kinds of conditions has Don treated using some techniques in PST Method?

Before becoming an acupuncturist I have successfully treated a variety of conditions muscular, women’s, internal, neurological, etc. by using some of the techniques in PST Method. These include many conditions that other practitioners struggle to or hardly improve like lots of cysts in the uterus of a pregnant woman, loss of taste and smell, snoring, sprained ankle, infertility, sciatica, etc. For now I have added some more self treatment techniques after decades of acupuncture practice.

What Self Treatment techniques or methods does Don use in PST Method?

Decades of my experience convinced me that the best self treatment method ever is ‘Korean Hand Acupuncture’ which I specialize in. So Korean Hand Acupuncture is the No. 1 item in PST Method. Also included are acupressure, Tuina (Chinese massage), UCLA ear therapy, moxibustion, Chinese therapeutic reflexology, Korean therapeutic exercise, T-moxibustion, Namsoo moxa, Ring method, etc. Another popular item is called ‘Ramekin moxa’ which I invented and is only available with me. Dietary advice by Hera Kim can also be an option.

Who can benefit from PST Method?

  • Anyone with any conditions from muscular to internal, neurological, psychological, women’s, men’s, respiratory, circulatory, cosmetic, even emergency conditions.
  • Especially anyone who has a long standing condition like arthritis, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, pain of any kinds, infertility, endometriosis, depression, during and after cancer treatment, post stroke syndrome…
  • Quickest recovery expected for sports injuries like concussion, sprained back and joints (ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, shoulders), whiplash…
  • Those who have tried many different modalities but haven’t got much benefit from any of those.
  • Those who prefer natural treatment but can’t afford to keep trying it because of its high cost.
  • Those who want to lose or gain weight.
  • Those who want to improve cosmetic conditions like wrinkle, cellulites or varicose veins.
  • Those who want to improve and maintain their own health by themselves in a natural and cost effective way.
  • Those who want to help improve conditions of their patients or their loved ones.
  • Those who want to learn unique and useful skills to be more competitive in their business.
  • Those who want to learn how to make healthy food like fermented food and drink.

All health practitioners have some patients they have tried very hard to help but failed to do so because of some factors beyond their ability or control. It is very likely that these patients will get huge benefit from PST Method.

Where do I stay during PST training?

PST training takes a few days or up to 1 week depending on the level of your knowledge of our body and acupuncture. And you can arrange your own accommodation yourself or stay at Don’s Wellness Retreat. (See more info under Don’s Wellness Retreat in this page.)

What are some options available in PST training?

1. PST A (1 week plan)
     – 5 Consultations (for Self Treatment) + Intensive treatment + Stay for 6 nights (breakfast      included)
1) Day 1: Teaching Self Treatment 1 (ST1) → Intensive treatment
    # ST1: Consultation→ Constitution → Ring Method → Diagnosis → Prescription &      on’s Treatment/Self Treatment Plan                                           
2) Day 2: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 2 (ST2) → Intensive treatment
    # ST2: Correspondence Therapy → Hand NeedlingPress Pelleting and Hand Moxa →      Toilet Moxa
3) Day 3: Review → Teaching
 Self Treatment 3 (ST3) → Intensive treatment
    # ST2: ST3: Bloodletting Method → Hand Moxa Stick + Ramekin Moxa → Acupressure  
4) Day 4: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 4 (ST4) → Intensive treatment
    # ST4: Reflexology → UCLA Auriculotherapy → Korean Therapeutic Exercise
5) Day 5: Review → Going over whole Self Treatments (ST1 to ST4) → Intensive treatment +      Dietary advice (by Hera if needed) 
6) Day 6: Questions, Answers & Demonstrations + Relaxing
2. PST B (4 day plan)
     – 3 Consultations (for Self Treatment) + Intensive treatment + Stay for 3 nights (breakfast           included)
1) Day 1: Teaching Self Treatment 1 (ST1) → Intensive treatment treatment     
    # ST1: Consultation → Constitution → Ring Method → Diagnosis → Prescription & Don’s 
Treatment/Self Treatment Plan → Correspondence Therapy → Reflexology
2) Day 2: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 2 (ST2) → Intensive treatment
    # ST2: Hand NeedlingPress Pelleting and Hand Moxa → Toilet Moxa → Bloodletting 
     Method → Hand Moxa Stick + Ramekin Moxa    
3) Day 3: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 3 (ST3) → Intensive treatment
    # ST3: Acupressure → UCLA Auriculotherapy → Korean Therapeutic Exercise → Dietary advice      (by Hera if arranged)

3. PST C (3 day plan)
     – 2 Consultations (for Self Treatment) + Intensive treatment + Stay for 2 nights (breakfast     included)
1) Day 1: Teaching Self Treatment 1 (ST1) → Intensive treatment    
    # ST1: Consultation → Constitution → Ring Method → Diagnosis → Prescription & Don’s     Treatment/Self Treatment Plan → Correspondence Therapy → Toilet Moxa → Hand Moxa Stick     + Ramekin Moxa
2) Day 2: Review → Teaching Self Treatment 2 (ST2) → Intensive treatment
    # ST2: Hand NeedlingPress Pelleting and Hand Moxa → Bloodletting Method →     Acupressure → UCLA Auriculotherapy  Reflexology 

⊙ After completion of each option you may arrange with Don for more stay or some follow-up sessions which is subjected to availability of accommodation and Don’s personal schedule.
⊙ The order of Self Treatment items can chang if needed.

You will be amazed at how easily, safely and effectively
YOU can improve your condition YOURSELF
with PST Method that you have hardly been helped by other practitioners!